Should you Use Non Profit Recruiters?

If you work in the non profit world and are currently looking for a new non profit job, you should make sure you sign up with several non profit recruiters to help you.

What is a non profit recruiter? — This is a recruiter that only works within the non profit field.

This is beneficial to anyone looking for a non profit job, as these people tend to have strong relationships with non profits all over the country, as well as often hearing about jobs that are not listed anywhere.

If you want to be able to find a job quickly, and one that may be higher paying than what you are finding yourself, then signing up with non profit recruiters is the way to go.

Where can you find non profit recruiters? — Any recruiter that is good at what they do has a website.

Do a search for non profit recruiting consultant in your area and read their websites thoroughly. Send each one a copy of your resume and a recent photograph, along with a cover letter describing the type of job you are looking for in detail.

Most recruiters will contact you within a couple of days and either arrange a time for you to be interviewed by them, or at least make a phone call so they can speak to you.

Using non profit recruiters correctly — Make sure you do not just sign up with several recruiters and then leave them to look for a job for you.

Call each recruiter every two or three days, so you can remind them who you are and what kind of job you need. Also be sure to offer to go on any interview they can get you, as you may be surprised when a job you did not think you were interested in suddenly turns out to be your dream job.