How to find a new job with the help of a non profit recruiting consultant


If you work in non profit and are currently looking for a new job in the same field, your first step should be to register with a non profit recruiting consultant.

Not only can a good non profit recruiting consultant help you get a job faster than you may otherwise do, they will usually be able to help you get a higher salary as well.

What does a consultant do? — First, you will need to register with at least one consultant. Just remember, the more you register with the more jobs you will have access to, as most non profit recruiting consultants deal with unique jobs only available through them.

Once you are registered, a typical consultant will interview you about your background and your current job requirements. Then they will start to look for jobs that fit your skills and your experience. Once they have a list of jobs you qualify for, they will then make arrangements for you to get interviews.

How does a non profit recruiting consultant get you a job? — Most jobs are through consultants that are the only people representing those jobs. That means the candidate pool for each job is small, so your chances of getting a job offer are much higher.

Most consultants also push employers to hire one of the people they represent. They also push them to increase the salary you are offered, as the higher your salary the higher their commission will be.

Mainly, though, a good non profit recruiting consultant will push your name forward for specific jobs and then champion you with the employer. They will also make sure that, if you are given a job offer, it is the best offer the non profit organization offering it can possibly come up with.



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