Nonprofit Jobs Available


Nonprofit jobs available

Non-profit does not literally mean that the business or organization makes no profit, it just means that the money can only be used for certain things and can’t be distributed to employees and investors. Many non-profits actually make a lot of money and they can be good places to work, providing competitive salaries and good benefits. There are a number of jobs available at non-profits, from minimum-wage jobs all the way up to ones with six-figure salaries.

Entry-level jobs

Almost all non-profits offer the kinds of entry-level jobs that other businesses do. They need people to do things like clean offices, greet customers, run cash registers and other tasks. Some non-profits make it their mission to provide these kinds of jobs to the clientele they support. For example, a homeless shelter might pay residents to do cleaning, maintenance or groundskeeping.

Support workers

Non-profits often have large support staffs. These are the caseworkers and account executives who work with the populations the non-profit aims to help and also to work with people in the community to help raise money and raise awareness. Some of these jobs may require college degrees and/or specialized training, and while they might not pay as well as similar private-sector jobs, they often have better benefits packages.

Executive workers

Every non-profit organization needs a director or CEO to run things. This is the person who ensures the organization’s mission is being fulfilled, that it is bringing in enough money to do so and that it is following all laws. Depending on the size of the organization, it might have several executives, people in charge of finances, operations, marketing, etc. These jobs pay well, although not as well as similar jobs in the private sector. They also carry good benefits and have the additional benefit of knowing you are doing good for the community. Click on nonprofit job board for more details.


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